Questions and answers

  • Can I also use AXAL PRO for my softening system?

    Absolutely! AXAL PRO is suitable for all common systems, including yours.

  • Does the taste of softened water change? Can I drink it without any problems?

    No worries, the water doesn’t taste salty. Many people even say that the taste of tea and coffee is improved by soft water.

  • What are my specific advantages of your tablets?

    Our salt tablets ensure the rapid formation of a saturated brine due to their surface. No deposits will occur in your softener. At the same time, the necessary circulation of the dissolving water is ensured. This ensures the best possible performance of your water softener.

  • What’s so special about the salt blocks?

    The salt dissolves optimally due to the new innovative shape of the blocks.  The wave shape allows the water to circulate continuously as contact points are reduced. The salt blocks fit comfortably in the hand, ensure effortless loading, making them easy to carry and store.

  • Where does your salt come from?

    From our own mines and salt works in Germany and the Netherlands. Indeed, it’s food-grade.

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