With us, you benefit from our more than 50 years of experience.

AXAL PRO has been setting the standard for over 50 years: maximize system efficiency and quality in your business and production with proven water softening.

AXAL PRO salt tablets

The original product for soft water.

Powerful protection for your systems, pipes, equipment, fixtures, and fittings. AXAL PRO salt tablets have ensured soft water for industry and commerce, hotels and restaurants, clinics, and labs since 1969. Trust us when we say: We are the original.


Industry and trade.


Water keeps industry and trade moving forward. The many advantages of soft water are appreciated by industrial laundries and dry cleaners. On the one hand, it minimizes limescale deposits and promotes smooth operation. This in turn ensures efficient, economical processes as well as high-quality results in the treatment of laundry, while at the same time it reduces detergent consumption. Lots of advantages all the way around.

Hotels and restaurants.


Limescale deposits are no fun for your guests or your team. AXAL PRO works effectively on not only dishes and glasses, but also stoves, sinks, and pots free of stains and streaks. Your bathrooms, fittings, wash basins, and showers will retain their shine and freshness for longer. We are the specialists for making your house shine in every corner. Your team won’t have to spend hours cleaning.

Clinics and labs.


Soft water is essential for hospitals and laboratories. In day to day hospital life, AXAL PRO makes it easier to keep the entire clinic clean and it improves the rinsing results of various machines.

If you are running a lab, you will also benefit from AXAL PRO. Soft water reduces deposits on analytical equipment, glass surfaces, and instruments, just to give a few examples.

5 reasons

5 good reasons why you can rely on the effect of AXAL PRO.



1. Reliable in every respect.

We offer you consistently high product quality, maximum supply security and a smooth logistics chain by truck, ship, and rail. 


2. Best performance.

The operating performance of your ion exchanger is flawless. AXAL PRO salt tablets are produced with uniform pressure, which ensures controlled dissolution. This prevents the formation of salt slurry at the bottom of the salt container.


3. Patented shape.

The patented convex shape provides the rapid formation of a saturated brine and guarantees the necessary circulation of the dissolving water.


4. No residues, no interference.

The tablets have a NaCl content of at least 99.9%. This reduces residues and therefore the cleaning effort. Guaranteed high performance and long life of the softener. No residues in the salt dissolving tank cause malfunctions such as blocked valves or ion exchange resins. Insoluble elements content: less than 0.010%.


5. Better than the standard.

AXAL PRO salt tablets exceed the requirements of the European standards EN 973 Type A and EN 14805 Type 1 and meet the purity requirements of the Codex Alimentarius.

Our partner

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Cross section of Gruenbeck house

Technology workshops: Grünbeck water treatment and AXAL PRO.

Grünbeck is the market leader in water treatment. In cooperation with Grünbeck, we offer a wide range of technical workshops and expert training courses for sanitary, heating, and air-conditioning specialists.


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