The original for soft water

With AXAL PRO salt products, your water softener performs at its best. This results in soft water and less limescale. The consumption of cleaning agents and detergents is, therefore, reduced and appliances last longer.


In your household, we serve as your best partner in tackling limescale.

Reducing your energy consumption.
Less repair work and more environmentally friendly.
Made of pure food-grade evaporated salt.
Our salt products

25 kg salt tablets


You want to soften the water in your home, your tenants' homes or in your company. Therefore, you need to reduce the level of calcium and magnesium compounds causing limescale. With our salt tablets, this is quick, easy, and inexpensive.


Our salt blocks.


We have expanded our product range by adding AXAL PRO salt blocks. What's new? The innovative shape makes it even easier for you to load your water softener. The same high quality and purity. 


Are you a business customer? We can reliably provide your company with the best quality.

Highest supply security, best product quality.
Your system consumes less salt.
Your system works more effectively and lasts longer.

By professionals, for professionals.

Salt & water

An unbeatable combination.

Salt cave - white gold

White gold.

For thousands of years, people have invented ingenious methods to extract the valuable mineral.

tea pot and tea cup

You drink coffee, I drink tea, my dear!

The quality of a good cup of tea depends 20% on the tea and 80% on the water.

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