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Tradition, innovation and quality: our promise for your water.

AXAL PRO, as the original on the market, does not compromise on the quality and purity of water in your home. You can rely on AXAL PRO’s patented experience.

K+S is an internationally listed raw materials company. Our roots go back to the 19th century. Today, we are one of the world’s largest potash and salt producers with a diverse product portfolio. We produce at our own mines in Europe and North America. The salt contained in AXAL PRO is extracted from mines in Germany and the Netherlands.

For securing the global food supply in agriculture, as a component for healthy food, or for safe roads in winter, with our valuable natural raw material, we shape many business areas, just as we shape a sustainable future. Our commitment to clear goals for environmental and climate protection is just as important as our long-term relationships with customers. With around 11,000 employees worldwide, we have a strong network and work in a customer-oriented manner. As a reliable partner, we promote future-oriented solutions and drive new business models, lean, efficient, and digital for a strong tomorrow.

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