AXAL PRO salt blocks

New shape. New standard.

Our product family is growing: AXAL PRO salt tablets are joined by AXAL PRO salt blocks. What’s new? The innovative shape makes it even easier to load your water softener. Needless to say, the high quality and purity are still the same.

Take your soft water into your own hands - with one touch.

Our AXAL PRO salt blocks reduce limescale deposits. What’s more, they minimize disruptions in the operating process and reduce the energy consumption of your system while increasing its performance.


Convenient. Efficient. Clean! All advantages of our salt blocks at a glance.



1. No salt residues 

Due to the new innovative shape of the salt blocks, the salt dissolves optimally. This prevents the formation of a salt blanket in the tank of your softener.


2. Best quality of the salt solution

We can guarantee you a perfect salt solution due to the even dissolution of the salt blocks and a consistent solution quality. 


3. Increased cleanliness for less problems

Due to the very low salt dust content, your tank will stay clean and clog-free for a long time.


4. Easy handling

Loading your water softener has never been easier. The salt blocks fit comfortably in the hand, ensure effortless loading, making them easy to carry and store.


5. Excellent water circulation

The wave shape reduces contact points and allows water to circulate continuously.


6. Faster maintenance

You save time during maintenance operations. You can remove our salt blocks in an instant.


Soft water in an instant - Easy loading in three steps.



1. Take the blocks out of the package and place them in your water softener.


2. Place the blocks horizontally or vertically. The result is the same: a clean system and soft water.


3. Do you still have AXAL PRO salt tablets at home? No problem. You can use them together with the new salt blocks.


What is so special about the salt blocks?


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